Welcome to the Serve Scotland web site. Serve Scotland is a new organisation backed by many of the major Christian players in Scotland. Our About Us pages tell you more about who we are, who is backing us, why we are here, and what our vision and aims are. You can find out more about what we are doing on our Current Projects pages. Perhaps most importantly you can find out how you can become involved because we are a network based organisation and we want you to be involved. Please get in touch with us so that you can become a part of a project to transform Scotland.

Who are we – About us in a nutshell

We are a Christian organisation modelled on Gweini – a hugely successful organisation in Wales which has been established for more than a decade and is now influential at both local and national level. Our vision is to help the Church be a catalyst for transformational change in the lives of the people and communities it serves across Scotland. We will do this through networking, uniting, and empowering existing Christian community project providers and encouraging others to become involved. Read more on our About Us page.