Local Serve Networks

A key activity of Serve Scotland is to develop local networks of churches, of all denominations, and Christian organisations involved in serving their communities (as set out in our “About us” page) through many different types of activities. These networks will enable churches and organisations in a geographical area to come together, share experience, learn from each other, identify needs in their communities which are currently unmet, and link with local authorities. They will provide a central point of contact between the local authority and Christian community. Over time these networks will benefit the churches and organisations already involved, encourage others to become involved, and benefit the local authority.

As we have commenced this process we have focussed on two pilot areas – Glasgow and Dundee – in which we have started (but not completed) the network building. The work in each of these pilot areas is described briefly below along with the beginnings of a database of projects in these areas. The size of Glasgow in particular means that this database is very partial.

If you are a church or Christian organisation involved in community projects we would love to hear from you to include your projects in the database and include you in the local network. Please contact us.

We are working on setting up local hubs around Scotland, and if you would like to talk to us about setting up a local network in your area please contact us.