Serve Scotland will be a body whose structure and operation reflect its core purpose of enabling and supporting the church and Christian voluntary sector to do more for the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalised. We will facilitate rather than control; release rather than contain and empower rather than constrain.

Serve Scotland’s mission, its reason for existence, is to: support, resource and equip the Church within Scotland, to provide life-changing community social action, in support of people and communities seeking to meet the needs they see around them.

Its vision, or the desired outcome of its existence, is that: through the power of the gospel in action, the Church will be a catalyst for transformational change in the lives of the people and communities it serves across Scotland.

In order to fulfil its mission and to achieve its vision in the early years of Serve Scotland’s life it will have four strategic aims; namely to:

  • Represent the Church to national and local government and to the broader public, private and voluntary sectors on issues relating to community social action;
  • Facilitate networks of Christian social action leaders and practitioners in order to promote and share successful projects, partnerships and best practice;
  • Inform the Church of national and local community social action policy development, outcomes reporting and evaluation; and
  • Resource the Church with advice and expertise in fundraising and development in order to encourage the growth of financially and operationally sustainable social action projects across Scotland.